Swing to 50's Rock

One of the only artists saluting Swing to 50's Rock, Bennett covers music from the swing era and Rock-n-Roll to country, Elvis and the Beatles.

This show will not only showcase Dave’s clarinet, but his fine voice as well as his famous “rockabilly” guitar and wild piano. Backed by their full repertoire of Swing, Dixieland and Benny Goodman standards, they will branch out with Elvis, Roy Orbison and other country and rock music.

Upcoming Shows

21 Jun 2019 at Elkhart Jazz Festival
22 Jun 2019 at Elkhart Jazz Festival
23 Jun 2019 at Elkhart Jazz Festival
26 Jun 2019 at Mr Bs
29 Jun 2019 at Beaver Island
03 Jul 2019 at Rec Bowl
10 Jul 2019 at Nardin Park Methodist Church
11 Jul 2019 at Waterford Kettering High School
12 Jul 2019 at Joe’s Top Dog
17 Jul 2019 at Anderson Enrichment Center

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